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Recruitment Services For Job Seekers

Career Guidance
Professional counseling helps candidates make informed career choices. In No Problems Employment, we offer professional advice to applicants as well as help them show their talent. Based on the skills and talents of the candidate, we help you choose the right career path. Our consultants first conduct a thorough assessment of your skills, abilities, qualifications, career goals and preferences. Once they make an assessment, they will help you choose or exclude a particular career path.

Resume Creation Services
Having an impressive resume and cover letter can greatly increase your chances of being selected. At  No Problems Employment,  we understand the need for a short and creative resume and we know how difficult it is to create one. At  No Problems Employment, we have a team of professional resume and cover letter authors who are well versed in writing and formatting these important documents. Our writers know how to emphasize your qualifications, abilities and best highlight your skills. 

Hiring on the basis of a contract
No Problems Employment  has a wide network of employers who are in constant search of temporary or full-time employees. We help both qualified professionals and workers find suitable jobs on a contract basis.

Why do job seekers trust us?

Industry Experience
As a recruiting agency in Canada, we deeply understand the labor market and its current trends. Our awareness of changing hiring trends allows us to develop effective strategies suitable for both employers and employees.

Selection of specialists
We are experts in the search for vacancies and positions that we represent to applicants. 

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Of course, finding work in Canada is not an easy task. The vast majority of applicants, suitable vacancies pass by because of a poor quality resume. Since most recruiters only need 30 seconds to view a resume, it is important that the resume is concise.

No Problems Employment  has everything you need to create winning resumes and cover letters that are suitable for use in various industries. 

Our professional help in building a resume has helped many job seekers to stand out and take the desired position. Our experience in creating artistic resumes can be appreciated by the endless success stories and recommendations we receive from our clients.

When you contact us, our team of qualified authors will help you create a “hiring” resume. Our professional resume writing approach has made us the leader in creating winning resumes in Toronto.

To make the search faster and more efficient, we help clients from different industries and career levels:

● Create personalized services for remote and full-time jobs;
● Update your resume in accordance with current standards;
● Make your qualifications and presentable presentable;
● Show work and job history in chronological order.

Why Choose No Problems Employment?

In house Writers
We have a team of professionally certified writers with extensive experience in drafting quality resumes.

Strategic Approach
Instead of offering resume templates, we create the draft from scratch. Before starting a project, we thoroughly evaluate the individual’s profile and gather vital information to develop a hard to miss resume. All our drafts are in-line with current trends and showcase the candidate in the best of the light.

Our resume building service is fairly-priced to make the service accessible to all. All our charges are free from hidden costs.

Customized Service
We are experts at customizing resumes and cover letters as per your needs and industry.

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At  No Problems Employment,  we can help you create a resume that will be noticed by a recruiter, so you get the job you are looking for.
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Choosing the right career path can take a toll on any graduate. With several career opportunities increasing every day, candidates sometimes find it challenging to select the ideal course that suits their liking and aptitude.

At No Problems Employment, our experts are quite adept at proving result-oriented career development and vocational rehabilitation services to the candidates seeking professional assistance.

Our team members are well trained to work with individuals from different age groups, diverse backgrounds and people with different abilities. We pride ourselves on being culturally proficient and sensitive in catering to individual needs.

We ensure that all your career-related issues are addressed by the individuals who are qualified for providing counseling, career development, business administration, and vocational rehabilitation.

Holistic career counseling from No Problems Employment

We understand the dilemma that candidates face when choosing a profession. The priority of No Problems Employment is to give them the right advice.

Consulting services
At  No Problems Employment  we offer career guidance and guidance for applicants and students. We strive to help youth and students build a solid foundation for their professional lives. If you need help finding a job, changing a profession or consulting on career issues, our professionally trained consultants are always ready to help.

Analysis of career decisions
The labor market is developing with each new technological progress. New types of jobs are emerging that require non-standard skills.

Applicants and graduates are often afraid of such a dynamic work environment. Keeping abreast of changing market trends is very important for those who are looking for work and want to succeed in the professional world. At  No Problems Employment,  we help applicants analyze selected professions, evaluate work and company profiles before deciding on a career path.

Our career guidance services help job seekers:

● Assess their strengths and identify weaknesses;
● Identify hidden talent and focus on it;
● Match job profiles that match skill and talent;
● Help make a choice of profession based on skills and career goals;
● Simplify the career change process;
● Avoid career failures;
● Improve your career chances.

No Problems Employment has an extensive database of employers who are willing to sponsor employees from abroad and help them obtain work permits in Canada. Employers are willing to provide LMIA or sponsor through provincial programs.

Our team has licensed immigration specialists who will help you with the preparation of all necessary documents.

Many specialties require a minimum knowledge of the language and the presence of only a high school education.

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