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Demand for skilled labor remains high in Canada. In addition, low unemployment has further reduced the personnel reserve. Currently, the need for top-level professionals is at a record high.

Filling the shortage of qualified specialists with worthy candidates can significantly strengthen your market position and give you a competitive advantage. Moreover, finding the right resources can improve an organization’s productivity while ensuring its stability.

If you are looking for contract specialists or need full-time employees, our team of professionals will help you with these issues.

At No Problems Employment, we have:

Qualified recruiters
Our team of qualified HR managers and hiring specialists in No Problems Employment have extensive experience working with various companies and our flexible recruitment approach is suitable for enterprises in various industries.

Industry Expertise
Companies that seek to succeed in the market must first fight for qualified specialists. As an employer, you need a recruiting partner who can offer comprehensive solutions to attract the best staff. Being in the recruiting industry for a long time, we understand the importance of the right human resources for the growth of any organization. We also know about the problems that arise when attracting and retaining employees.

Staffing Solutions
Organizations consist of people who work to achieve a common goal – success. Without the right team by your side, the path to success can be difficult. No Problems Employment  has extensive experience in solving staffing needs for companies of various calibers. We understand the needs of our customers and know how to help them create a winning team.

Qualified HR
Our ability to find the best team players for any business has made us a sought-after recruitment agency. Before embarking on any project, we first listen to the needs of our customers and understand their business model. This allows us to develop personalized recruitment strategies and effectively filter qualified professionals.

Long-term relationships
At  No Problems Employment , we believe in building long-term partnerships with our customers. We are not limited to just recruiting people, we also guarantee that they will live up to your expectations. Even after the work is completed, we will be in touch with you and ready to solve any problem that arise.

Contract employees have been in high demand over the past few years. Contracted personnel allow enterprises to take advantage of seasonal opportunities at minimal cost.

Note, compared with permanent staff, temporary staff are easier to maintain. No Problems Employment is one of the leading recruitment agencies providing industry-leading fixed-hiring services. We are known among our regular customers for their individual, flexible and cost-effective recruitment services.

Candidates for fixed-term contracts provided by our team are effective in fulfilling the required tasks, and also do a good job with a flexible work schedule.

No Problems Employment’s Expert Temporary Staffing Solutions: 

We have a strategic approach to recruiting contracted recruits. Our proactive approach to hiring allows us to obtain highly qualified candidates. Our hiring professionals have many years of experience with short-term staffing needs and know the dynamics of the current market as well as how to develop a stellar action plan.

Why are we chosen for the selection of temporary staff on a contract basis?

Our recruiters are adept to assessing the needs of our customers and delivering to their expectations. 

Here are some of the reasons why global organizations trust our experience:

An individual decision on the selection of personnel 

We adhere to an individual approach in the selection of personnel for all vacancies and positions. Before embarking on any tasks, our employees first examine your needs for complete immersion and understanding. The entire hiring process is tailored to your unique requirements. 

Guaranteed best HR  

Leading employers from around the world trust our experienced, qualified team. Each of the candidates we offer is carefully tested for experience and competence. Our team has deep industry knowledge and high professionalism. 

Cost- Effective 

No Problems Employment is  known for its cost-effective HR strategy throughout Toronto. Contact us for details.


As a recruiting agency providing comprehensive staffing solutions, we will ensure full registration of employees and make sure that everything is framed in accordance with the law.

Guaranteed staff recruitment

Even if there are no candidates in the local labor market, we guarantee that we will be able to select temporary foreign workers who will be very happy to work for your company.

Contact us! At No Problems Employment , we help our clients find flexible solutions for finding temporary staff at an affordable price.

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At times, employers have to hire foreign workers. Unlike other countries, hiring an employee from abroad in Canada requires going through tedious procedures and collecting documents. Therefore, it is necessary to obtain LMIA when hiring a foreign employee.

Canadian employers wishing to hire foreign workers must apply for a job market impact assessment (LMIA). The assessment was designed to protect the Canadian labor market and ensure that citizens receive priority for domestic jobs.

Obtaining an LMIA ensures that there is a need to hire a temporary foreign worker (TFW). The permit also recognizes the fact that there are no permanent residents suitable / available to fill the required position.

The LMIA application is a complete set of forms and documents that employers must fill out. Those applying for LMIA must ensure the accuracy and relevance of all documents for quick processing.

The LMIA application for employers.
An employer must fulfill many requirements in order to get a successful LMIA result. Most employers face problems if they do not meet all the requirements. Another difficulty many employers face is that their application has to be accepted quickly. All of these problems can delay the hiring process and affect business growth.

At No Problems Employment, we help employers prepare and receive the LMIA for quick and easy adaptation of temporary foreign workers. Once you find the right candidate, our experts will help you apply for the LMIA and get permission.

Assistance in applying for the LMIA.
Canadian employers who need to hire a TFW trust our experience with LMIA applications. 

Help with the documentation.
Having a well-organized LMIA application can greatly increase the chances of getting approval. However, it takes time and deep knowledge to get all the documents the first time. At No Problems Employment, we work to help employers facilitate the preparation of required documents. Our team makes every effort to collect all the necessary details and documents, thereby increasing the chances of approval of the application.

Immigration assistance.

The immigration specialists at No Problems Employment work closely with clients to provide timely assistance at any time during the application process. Our immigration specialists not only have the necessary experience, but are also aware of all the events taking place in the Canadian labour market. Their knowledge allows employers to get approval with the LMIA.

In today’s vibrant market, finding and securing the right candidate has become a challenge. Most organizations are not able to retain potential candidates.

At No Problems Employment, we strive to help organizations solve their recruitment problems and attract highly qualified professionals on an ongoing basis. Our full range of recruitment services is designed to represent employers with a pool of qualified candidates, ideally suited to fill the required positions.

We have already helped numerous organizations from different areas to find and hire professionals in their teams. Our unique approach and individual strategies to the recruitment process are key to success.

Recruitment Solutions
Our ongoing staffing solutions are designed to simplify the search for qualified professionals. Our recruiters will do their best to find candidates for your staff. With our ongoing staffing services, you are guaranteed to quickly find experienced staff.

We present candidates only after we carefully examine their profile and conduct a quick data check. Each of the profiles is selected by our experienced recruiters who take into account your unique set of requirements.

Our strategy enhances the success of the hiring process and ensures that you get the qualified candidates that are needed for the required position.

The full range of services offered by No Problems Employment

At No Problems Employment, a team of qualified recruiters is at your service. Our many years of experience working with clients from various fields has allowed us to gain a leading position in the field of HR and employment.

If you need a professional, qualified specialist or low-skilled employee, we are here to help you.

Our hiring managers will work with your full-time staffing team and help you find and hire the right people. Our recruiters will provide support at all stages of the recruitment process.

Our ongoing staffing process includes:

● Meeting with our customers to analyze their needs;
● Creation of a personalized hiring strategy in accordance with the requirements;
● Creating an attractive work profile and requirements;
● Placement of vacancies on trusted job search portals;
● Search for suitable candidates according to profile;
● Conducting individual consultations;
● Selection of desired candidates;
● Analysis and evaluation of selected candidates;
● Conducting a thorough review of the candidate’s profile;
● Checking negative reviews / complaints to candidates;
● Assistance during negotiations on a salary scale;
● Support service to retain candidates. 

Our recruitment strategy.

At No Problems Employment, we believe that a clear understanding of customer needs is the key to an effective search. We also know that the needs of different organizations in hiring employees differ from each other.

Our hiring experts carefully examine candidates’ applications and evaluate their personal characteristics, skills, industry knowledge, experience and abilities.

After selection, our experts will check all candidates who have met the criteria. Verification of curriculum vitae is important to confirm the information transmitted by the candidate.

At No Problems Employment, we took a holistic approach to measuring candidate qualifications to ensure that you only get competent employees.

Our hiring process.


Our selection process begins as soon as you contact us. After understanding your requirements, we are working to make the vacancy visible. To place vacancies, we use the most popular portals and proven resources. Our experienced recruitment specialists will carefully complete each task, starting with creating a job profile and ending with its submission, tracking applications and monitoring.

As soon as we receive a sufficient number of applications, we consider each of them. We review the resume in accordance with the profile of work and qualification requirements. Our team contacts qualified candidates for an individual interview. Our hiring team consists of experienced recruiters who understand what qualities a candidate should have.

After completing the selection process, we will send you their profiles for further hiring in your company. We offer support services throughout the hiring process.

Our services do not end with hiring an employee. We also help our customers retain employees in the long run.

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